Here at Love Aluminium, we aim to be one of the best aluminium extrusions suppliers in the UK, offering quality aluminium extrusion profiles to our customers at a competitive price.

With our clients hailing from a variety of industries, we occasionally receive questions from our customers looking to know more about us and the aluminium extrusion process. For ease of response, here are answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked most frequently asked questions.

How does the aluminium extrusion process work?

As aluminium is a soft and malleable metal, it lends itself excellently to the process of extrusion. This process, which creates aluminium extrusion profiles either in solid shapes or with a complex network of cross sections at their centre, is excellent at creating parts for a diverse range of products used in dozens of industries.

In the extrusion process, aluminium is heated to extremely high temperatures between 350 and 500 degrees Celsius. The semi-molten aluminium is then forced through a specially cast steel die using a hydraulic press, allowing it to take on the die’s unique shape.

The result of this process is an aluminium component that can easily be joined to others with corresponding features, for example, a T-slot which allows bars to be joined together perfectly.

What can aluminium extrusion be used for?

The versatility of aluminium extrusion is what enables it to be used to create parts for industries across the world. Profiles can be made using existing standard dies to produce common parts such as round tubes, bars, and angles, or profiles can be customised using bespoke tools to meet clients’ individual needs. Those tools will have been made using computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM).

Aluminium profiles’ usefulness across a variety of industries has led them to be found in a huge variety of products, from agricultural to automotive applications. They also play an essential role in industries such as aerospace, electronics and engineering.

What are the advantages of aluminium extrusions?

The aluminium extrusion process brings with it a wealth of advantages. Perhaps the main advantage is that because certain shapes are extremely common, extrusion requires fewer bespoke tools than alternative manufacturing methods and therefore, comes at an extremely attractive price.

As it is one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving a range of shapes and sizes, aluminium extrusion is ideal for shorter projects such as trials and prototypes, offering companies the opportunity to test complex product designs affordably.

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