Once we have completed your design and this has been approved, we can then go on to produce the die to start creating your aluminium profile.

An aluminium die is a steel tool that is created and then used to make Aluminium Profiles.

The aluminium die will be replaced FOC as tolerances reach their maximum or if breakages occur. If a new aluminium die is created this will be made to the same specifications as the previous one and samples can be supplied from the new Die if needed. After the sample from the die is approved, this is then hardened (nitrided) to prepare it for the Aluminium Extrusion process again.

An Aluminium Die is used by pushing metal into one side and applying force, this will then exit the Die at the other side formed in the shape and size desired to meet your requirements. There are two types of Dies, these being Hollow and Solid. A Solid Die will produce an extrusion with no hollow areas in it, a simple one part die very much like a template.

A Hollow Die is an extrusion that has apertures in it, this may be a simple round tube, square or an irregular shape with many hollows. The hollow die is more complex being two parts to create the outer and the inner shape.