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Four Key Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion

The importance and advantages of aluminium extrusion to industries such as manufacturing and construction cannot be underestimated. Aluminium extrusion has applications in fields such as engineering, electronics and aerospace. Its influence can regularly be found in everyday life.

One high-profile demonstration of aluminium extrusion’s influence can be found in the recent news that the train operating company Merseyrail has contracted the Swiss manufacturers Stadler to provide its new £460m lightweight aluminium train fleet.
While we have explored the extrusion process in detail in one of our most recent blogs, it is worthwhile outlining the most appealing factors of aluminium extrusion to explain why businesses rely on it so much. Here are a few of the key reasons why aluminium extrusion is so vital:

Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion

Competitive price

Aluminium extrusion requires less bespoke tooling than more traditional manufacturing methods. This makes the cost of completing aluminium profiles very affordable for manufacturing or construction businesses. These profiles are often created in conjunction with standard aluminium extrusion dies to produce common shapes like tubes or angles. More bespoke dies can be created to meet the needs of individual manufacturers. Either way, it is an affordable process.

Suitable for trial runs

Due to their low cost of production, aluminium extrusions are perfectly suited for use in product trials and prototypes. This enables companies to examine the real-life result of the project after it has been designed by computer. This allows them to see any problems posed by complex shapes and sizes and refine the design for another run.


As mentioned above, the aluminium extrusion process is regularly used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, electronics and engineering – in our most recent blog, we even outlined a few of the more surprising household objects created by extrusion including glass bottles, cars and wires and pipes. The lightweight nature and affordability of aluminium makes it a versatile material that is suitable for a myriad of applications.

Easily connectable

The often uniform nature of aluminium extrusions makes them ideal for creating pieces that can be easily joined to others with corresponding features. For example, T-slots created by aluminium extrusion enable manufacturers to join bars together using special connecting pieces that fit into the cavities. For that reason, extrusion is ideally placed to support complex construction projects.

Here at UK Profile Components Ltd we are proud to specialise in designing and creating aluminium extrusions for industries worldwide. Why not get in touch with us today via our contact page to see how we can help you with your extrusion requirements?

We will handle your extrusions with care and deliver them on a dedicated vehicle directly to your chosen destination within two or three days from call off for material held in stock, or we can supply them directly from our the extrusion mill. Whatever your extrusion needs, we will be able to meet them.

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