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Your UK-Based Aluminium Extrusion provider

Specialists in Aluminium Extrusion since 2006


Your Aluminium Extrusion Specialist

Aluminium Extrusion. A specialised method that industries all around the world rely upon to bring ideas and imagination to life. 

But of course, you already knew that which is why you are here on the Love Aluminium website. What you don’t yet know, is whether or not we are the perfect partner for your Aluminium Extrusion needs. We would like to think that’s all about to change.

Our Services

Aluminium Design

We offer a full extrusion and product design service. The use of CAD technology allows us to bring your carefully curated designs to fruition, whether they originate from basic sketches or digital files. Our 38 years as a specialist in Aluminium Extrusion allows us to work with a wide range of input sources, bringing your ideas to life with precision and expertise.


Extrusion Dies

Once the extrusion design has been finalised and submitted for your approval, our next step is to manufacture the tool (die) necessary to begin the production of your aluminium profile. This is a pivotal phase, allowing for a faultless transition from concept to visualisation, setting us up for the complex manufacturing process.


Aluminium Extrusions

For the more intricate profiles, Aluminium Extrusion remains one of the most cost-effective solutions in the quest to achieve a whole host of different shapes and sizes.

This option opens the doors to an almost limitless list of possibilities for creating complex designs that may not be an option through other means.


Aluminium Finishes

Enhancing the aluminium surface is well within our extensive list of capabilities, as we provide both natural and coloured anodised options. Additionally, we offer powder coating services which allow you to choose from a wide selection of RAL colours, plus the option for polishing and brushed finishing services.

This ensures you achieve your desired finish, with the option to further customise the appearance of your aluminium profiles.


Aluminium Fabrication

We offer detailed and comprehensive fabrication services, including cutting, drilling, and CNC machining.

Your extrusion must be perfectly tailored to your specifications, which is why our skilled team are adept at handling all stages of the manufacturing process.

We have the expertise, and the technology to deliver unbeatable results, guaranteeing precision in the fabrication of your aluminium profiles.



We are committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire supply chain.

This means we will deliver your aluminium extrusions directly to your preferred destination, anywhere in the UK and the rest of Europe.

This way, you can continue to focus on your projects, whilst we take care of the transportation. 


What our clients say

After 38 years as an Aluminium Extrusion Specialist, you would like to think we have provided a level of service that people are going to shout about. As a leading provider of diverse aluminium services, catering to a wide range of industries, we are proud to say that in that time, countless people have done just that. They shouted. Loudly. 

Here are just a few examples of what our very happy clients had to say after working with us.

Neil ShorthouseThor Safety

Thor Safety Limited, although a recent startup company, have amongst their personnel collectively many years’ experience in the machine guarding industry. As such we were approached by a new customer to design and manufacture a new range of aluminium guard panels for a major client in the automotive manufacturing sector. After designing the new section profiles, we sought a suitable partner to produce not only the final product but also the dies for the extrusion process. We met with Jackie from UK Profile Components after an introduction on LinkedIn and that company’s professionalism was evident as they suggested ways to make the proposed extrusions not only simpler, but also more cost effective. They advised on the type of alloy and the grade of finish suitable for our project. Orders were soon placed for the new Thor Safety ‘Asguard 50/30’ section, which were delivered on budget and - excepting an inevitable delay due to the COVID19 restrictions - on time. Both our customer and the end user are delighted with the resulting end product, especially with regard to quality and finish. Thor Safety and UK Profile Components can therefore look forward to ongoing orders on the back of this project. Not only that, but the future looks bright as both Thor Safety and UK Profile Components are set to collaborate in the creation of new designs to increase the Asguard range as well as other ongoing ventures. The Asguard profiles are suitable for many safety and engineering applications as well as Covid protection screens for the retail and leisure industries.


I have known Jackie since 1998 and have worked on many interesting designs. I am confident to trust Jackie with our extrusion requirements because of her knowledge of the Industry.
Currently UK Profiles provide us with several Aluminium extrusions some of which incorporate fabrication and powder coating. Service is always of a very high level and the option of the stock holding facility is a bonus when we are extremely busy and tight for space.
Lead times are excellent and consistently met enabling accurate scheduling. Our experience has proved that Jackie understands our high quality requirements and is able to satisfy these.
The simple things make a big difference, for example packaging and labelling is excellent and delivery notification of product arrival and quantity is very helpful. Consistent packaging has enabled us to have bespoke cantilever racking designed to maximise our stock holding capacity.
We have been approached by many other extruders and have had recent poor experience from a national supplier that uses mills in the far east. This was a dismal exercise (as we expected) proving poor quality of alloy, product, packaging, delivery lead times, stock management and service. This resulted in us having to reject vast amounts of section. Once bitten twice shy.
More recently Jackie was very helpful in us attaining our ISO9001 accreditation. The information for tooling and die numbers is very simple. In summary we have always had great service and price from UK Profiles and I am proud to say they are a major supplier to us at VierLight.

Gyöngyi KleinPressac Communications

I’ve been dealing with Jackie and UK Profile Components since 2017. She initially arranged a tour of the extrusion mill so we could see the process which we found very informative.
Since then Jackie has provided us with Powder coated and machined parts which are used on our Industrial Gateway, designed by our company. We were satisfied with her response and attention to details to support us finding solution for quality concern.
UK Profiles hold the powder coated metal in stock for us to call off as and when required in machined parts as there are two variants. This is very useful to us in managing our stock control and orders. We are happy with the service we receive from UK Profiles.

Steve HornApproved Building Products

We have worked with UK Profile Components and found Jackie and Gary both very knowledgeable about the extrusion market as well as very connected to its supply chain.

Taking our initial designs and adding specific value to them whilst working under an NDA, we found very supportive to our goals.
We found there drawing services and material/ extrusion connections very useful and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs these services. Our orders for materials were price checked against the market and were very competitive and the delivery and packaging were as good as we have seen in this sector prior. All in all a great company to work with and very trustworthy.
We are now in the market for additional patented design products and UK Profile Components are our “go to” source for these works too. We highly recommend this company and would be only too happy to discuss our experiences with them with anyone who wants to ask.

Gareth DenhamPressac communications

During our time doing business with Love Aluminium, both Jackie and Liam have been extremely helpful and professional.

They make every effort to accommodate our requirements and with their support, we have made significant improvements to our final parts.

Peter HutchinsFranchi Director of Projects

“As a specifier and design of architectural hardware to the construction industry, we have worked with Love Aluminium for the past couple of years developing aluminium profiles for a few new ranges of door handles.
I have found working with Love Aluminium to be both easy and efficient - their quotes and drawings are clear and concise. Time frames are always met and communicated efficiently.
An added advantage to working with Love Aluminium is the ability to utilise their framework of manufacturers, selecting the correct company for each project. This gives greater flexibility and can often be the driver for winning further business. Again, such variations are added swiftly and managed with ease.

Love Aluminium are extremely professional and look forward to continuing developing our business relationship in the future”

Neil BaylissGrayson Building Products

“ Love Aluminium have provided a class A service, Our requirements and expectations are always met with Top Class customer service”

James LoudGeneral Manager, Titan Aluminium

Back in 2021, We were looking to invest in our own aluminium profile for our rooflights business. Many an hour was spent talking through the concept with a number of suppliers, but we felt Jackie and her team were the perfect company for us to partner with on this project.

Roll forward two years, we now have two different tools in operation and have a rolling order of 3 different colours always in production. We must have felt like that nuisance customer at first as we changed our mind and design numerous times in the early stages but never was it too much hassle to make the changes from the team at Love Aluminium.

We couldn’t have been happier with the relationship from start to finish and would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation to sit around a table, talk about your concept, The must haves and bring those ideas to life.


An important part of knowing whether to work with us (if we haven’t convinced you so far) is the story of where it all began for Love Aluminium. Let us take you back to 1985 when our Managing Director, Jackie Kelly was just starting her journey into the world of aluminium. 

Now, those aluminium anoraks in the room may remember a company called Alcan Extrusion which had a plant in Banbury. It was later owned by Alcoa and finally by Sapa Profiles. Well, even if you are not familiar, it’s important to know that Jackie spent the first 15 years of her aluminium-obsessed life working here, starting in the production department.

Throughout her long and rewarding career, Jackie mastered all elements of the industry from the extrusion process, right through to sales and customer service. This gave her the platform to be able to truly understand what clients want, and how to attract new ones. It was to be the foundation she needed to truly believe in her ability to do things even better.

In 2006 UK Profile Components Ltd was born. Which later took on the brand name “Love Aluminium.”

The years that followed were what Jackie describes as “A whirlwind”. Armed with a long list of business connections following years of exceptional service and product quality, demand for our services grew exponentially each year. 

In 2020, to bolster the leadership team and support the continued growth of the business, Jackie’s sons Liam and Sean came on board, allowing us to fulfil our client requirements at scale, while extending our product offering to attract clients with more unique requirements. 

Today, we are a leading provider of Aluminium Extrusion services in the UK, producing exceptional results that far exceed our client’s expectations.