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Understanding which alloy is the most suitable for your end product needn’t be such a daunting task.

6000 series is the most widely used group of alloys and so I will focus on those for the moment.

The most commonly used of this group of alloys is 6063 or 6060 these alloys will cover most applications.

Signs, Point of sale, furniture, picture frames, exhibition structures etc…..

They anodise well and are of reasonable strength.

If strength is the most important factor then you should opt for the strongest in the series 6082.

Building and construction, truck bodies, floor sections are some examples of end uses for this alloy.

It should be noted that due to the properties in this alloy it does not produce a consistently good anodised finish.

If you need strength, machinability and good finish then opt for 6005A , it’s mechanical properties are close to 6082 but can be anodised.

For highly decorative finishes such as shower enclosures for example alloy 6463 can be polished, chemically brightened and anodised to seal.  This will give a mirror type effect.  The inherent extrusion lines will all but disappear with the polishing, chemically brightening (does what it says on the tin) and anodise (no etch) for protection.

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