Love Aluminium can boast about being one of the UK’s largest purchasers of aluminium extrusions. This gives us first class purchasing power and sourcing expertise, and we share this with all of our customers, offering great competitive prices. We are a major customer for many leading aluminium extrusions companies and we have access to all sorts of different aluminium profiles. our stock range includes various different aluminium applications including, special alloys for many different industries.

Our tailored packages will suit your every need.  We stock a wide range of different thicknesses and alloys, backed by extensive processing facilities which include:

  • Plate cutting, to whatever is needed.
  • Plate processing, drilling, routing, surface machining.
  • Pre fabrication and welding.

Our warehouse management team will handle all of your extrusions with care. The stock we get in is carefully booked in and out, keeping records of what exactly is coming in and out of the warehouses. So for all of your aluminium needs, no matter what it is being used for, come to us here at Love Aluminium for great competitive prices and a very experienced background in the industry. Visit us online for more information.

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