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An insight to Love Aluminium

Welcome to Love Aluminium, your one stop place for quality aluminium profiles and extrusions. We have been in this industry for 25 years now and have all the experience necessary to produce a wide range of standard and non-standard profiles with alternative surface finish options. Our aluminium profile range is perfect for all sorts of applications such as tables, frames, racking, machine guards and protective enclosures etc.

Finding the right source

This is a major step to look at and there are many different key considerations to look at when choosing an aluminium extrusions specialist. The flexibility of our aluminium profile is second to none this allows you to make changes to your application at a later date if need be. This is great because it allows you to build the exact structure you may require.

Our services

Our services here at Love Aluminium include aluminium extrusion, fabrication, powder coating and anodising. We can also offer stock holding solutions which will help your workspace, whilst also saving you time and money.

Do you need complex profiles?

Aluminium extrusions are the perfect solution, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving a wide variety of different sizes and shapes. They play an essential role in engineering, aerospace and electronics, and can be found in a huge variety of different products. all aluminium profile accessories and connections are designed to be user-friendly, to allow shorter assembly times.

Where are we based?

We are based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and we are partners with other companies throughout the UK, and also work with partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Asia.

So visit us here at Love Aluminium for quality aluminium profiles, fast and friendly services and experience in all areas of aluminium extrusions

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