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Aluminium Profiles made to your Specific Requirements

With aluminium profiles here at Love Aluminium you can build exactly the structure you require. The range of different applications is huge, for things like tables, frames, machine guards, protective enclosures etc. We stock an extensive range of different aluminium profile sizes and shapes, whatever you require we can provide this. All aluminium profile accessories and aluminium shapes are designed to be user-friendly, shortening assembly times because there is no time-consuming work like grinding down or painting is involved in the process.

The history behind our ever growing business

The experience within our company is second to none, in actual fact, the managing director (Jackie Kelly) has 25 years of experience within the aluminium industry, with experience in some of the most well-known aluminium company in the UK such as Banbury. Jackie knows everything there is to know about the aluminium industry she stated, ‘I learned how the extrusion presses worked and was responsible for scheduling the work for three of the site’s seven presses’. it was in 2006 when Jackie decided to start up her own business after all of the experience she has under her belt and it has continued to be a success ever since.

Why Love Aluminium?

The flexibility of our aluminium profiles and aluminium extrusions allows you to make changes to your application at a later date; this is great because if our customers are not 100% happy with the profiles, we can do something about it. Coming to us means you will save costs, and we believe that customers are the most important asset of our business, so we will strive to please them all tailor making profiles to suit their needs and offering first class customer service.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch by phone or by email.

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